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With news that Homestar Runner would be seeing more frequent updates later this yearwe went back and rewatched every single Strong Bad Email, the series that really put the weirdo Flash animation site on the map. Some good news: All of the emails you remember — the ones that you can still quote — mostly hold up. So without further ado, here is a definitive ranking of all Strong Bad Emails.

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If you watched the cartoons during their heyday, the news probably sent you down a nostalgic rabbit hole where you spent two hours re-watching all of your favorite episodes. It's impossible to call out all of the good ones, but if these hook you the complete collection is still available here. December 2, Cheerleader!

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It mixes surreal humorself-parody, and references to s, s, s, and early s pop culturein particular video gamesclassic televisionand popular music. While the site originally centered on the title character, Homestar Runnerthe Strong Bad Email cartoon skits quickly became the site's most popular and prominent feature, with Strong Bad becoming a breakout character. Sincethe site has grown to encompass a variety of cartoons and web games featuring Homestar, Strong Bad, and numerous other characters.

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Teen girl squaaaaaaaaad! Teen Girl Squad is a spinoff sub-series of Homestar Runnerin which canonically Strong Bad draws, in comically bad stylea stick-figure cartoon depicting the misadventures of four "teenage girls between the ages of thirteen and nineteen". The main characters include Cheerleader the de facto leader of the group, an Alpha Bitch wannabe whose popularity is all in her headSo and So an overachieving brainiac who lacks common senseWhat's Her Face the cynic of the groupas well as the token poor person, and by far the least popular of the four girlsand The Ugly One who seems to possess suspect hygiene and a strained relationship with reality among other things, but is more popular than What's Her Face. There are fifteen toons in the main seriesand a number of other appearances elsewhere most notably, the first three episodes of Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People each feature an exclusive TGS toon, the first two of which are interactive.

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Teen Girl Squad is a purposefully crudely drawn comic series, drawn on notebook paper, which centers around four stereotypical teenage girls' quest to become popular and to look "SO GOOD! Of course, they never appear to succeed due to being always on a different track. Its origins began in the Strong Bad Email comicwhen a girl named Brittany asked Strong Bad to make a comic strip about her four friends.

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Strong Bad and friends have been entertaining the internet for over eight years now, combining colorful characters and pop culture reference to create one of the web's rare clean destinations for comedic entertainment. As regular visitors to Homestarrunner. The game almost feels like one long, extended Easter egg from a Strong Bad email.

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This is my page about the famous Internet cartoon, Homestar Runner. Two good sites to check out are:. Arrow'd Guy is the Teen Girl Squad's worst enemy.

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Homestar Runner Schools Wikipedia Selection. It mixes an absurdist sense of humor with references to s and s pop culture, notably video games, classic television and popular music. Although originally conceived as a book written for children, the site is perhaps most popular with youth and preteens, although it does have its share of young adults.

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Strong Bad gives an emailer advice on building a website, and shows off his own. Strong Bad imagines the lurking horrors of being stranded on an island with Homestar. The origin of Teen Girl Squad!

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Log in Sign up. Homsans points to anyone who knows Homsar. Strong bad emails chocolate pants homestarrunner.


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