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Next thing I know, Levi is up in the air, bouncing up and down Connor's massive cock like his life depends on it.

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And Chris is exactly the type of guy that attracts Connor.

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Connor's a perfect fit for CockyBoys, and we're glad he's joined us!

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Love yourself and you can love another.

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The passion is raw and the dicks are rock hard!

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Connor Maguire

Javascript Required Nowadays, almost all web pages contain JavaScript, a scripting programming language that allows robust web features, videos, and basically, all the things that can make a website experience awesome for you, the user. Connor is gentle at first and makes sure Levi can take it by first eating his ass like it was made out of cotton candy and then slowly warming him up to what was about to happen. They have dark days along with good. Cookies must be enabled to enjoy the full features of this website. Learn more about cookies and how to enable them by clicking here. And Chris is exactly the type of guy that attracts Connor.

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