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Anyway, thanks for answering.

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Literally forgot what I was reading midway through.

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They would likely grow hair, although HAVING to eat seems unlikely, perhaps Danse never tried to go without eating, or simply thought he had great stomach resolve.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

No one saves their own address in their phone.. Especially not a female that spends her whole life going out of her way to not get followed The only way they could have then found her address is to go through all of her text messages looking for a text where she may have given her address to a friend.. I will be the darkness that shows all of you the light. I know they LOOK human, but how physically human are they, really? I hate the Institute companion for this reason. A smart female does not put her address on the lock screen of her phone because she does not want someone that would be willing to steal a phone..

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  1. Yeah ! He is amazing, I didn't trust to see that vid again in Spankbang !

  2. this is by far the dumbest plot ive EVER seen