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It encompasses everything from relationships and rights to sexual diversity and gender equality.

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If Japan had ratified this protocol, it would be possible to appeal to the United Nations to make Japan give couples the option to each retain their respective surnames after marriage.

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Both parents work in this family, and they usually have the grandmother who lives nearby take care of their youngest elementary school child during the day.

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Still, Hashimoto sees a problem in the numerous examples given in the guidelines of sex education being implemented within ethics classes.

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During this decade, sex education stagnated in Tokyo schools, where the disciplining of the Nanao teachers had a chilling effect. Hashimoto Noriko believes Japan has much progress to make in the area of sex education. In Japan, however, as we can see by this textbook illustration, nothing is taught about the biological and scientific facts of human reproduction. What are the differences and why is Japan behind so much of the rest of the world? A textbook with similar content is being used in South Korea right now for sixth grade classes.

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