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Later, Jenna would be happy that Kodi saves Duke along with Balto.

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We could have lost our jobs because of that man.

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Kodi was so glad that Balto his happy for him!

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As a pup, Kodi was always ready to engage in activities with his brothers and sisters, but found himself unable to keep up with running activities.

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Balto Characters list

While Aleu had learned that she and her siblings are part wolf through their father due to their paternal grandmother being a wolf , Kodi and the rest of their siblings have never given any indication that they know about their wolf ancestry. They would be angry that Duke is gonna take their jobs away but they would want Balto's help as he was a sled dog once. Feel free to summarize their perspective. Kodiak was born to Balto and Jenna within the same litter as his sister Aleu. Kodi has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, but also has his faults such as allowing Balto to attempt a rescue mission into the Alaskan frontier alone for the sake of keeping his job. Once he hears that his job was gonna be taken away from him, he decide with his team to know which member to get in the sled team, he instantly thinks about his father about it.. When his job was gonna be taken away from him, he believed his dad can help them keep their jobs.

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