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Because, remember, kids: When a man and a woman kiss, that's wholesome.

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Instagram, for example, also does not allow "female presenting nipples" or a lot of women's bodies, honestly.

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The gaming community has a pretty bad reputation.

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But that's not really where the story ends.

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And, obviously, we get to see Carol's cat. Let us know and we'll see you again next week! Yes, it's a sad fact that the cat's name has been changed from "Chewie" to "Goose," but, on the plus side, the toys seem to suggest that said cat will continue to lay eggs, have tentacles, and also hide pocket dimensions in their mouth. Here they are: the five biggest stories from And Hawkeye is suuuuuuch a drama queen in it. But here's something that most news outlets won't talk about because it's not as click-baity: Gaming cons and the gaming community has a thriving, supportive queer community. Maybe this news will fly under your radar.

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