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Despite their lower price tag, these jeans last forever, providing the perfect amount of stretch in the rear without looking, well, stretched out.

small waist big butts

Cropped flare shapes can be particularly flattering on us, especially on days when we want to minimize our behinds, as the exaggerated lower cut distracts from other proportions.

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Like Joe's, Uniqlo has our body type down to a science, the result of which is the Ultra Stretch series.

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If your waist is on the extra-small side, you may need these tailored, but I promise it's worth it.

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The jeans are so well made that they retain their waist seen here in my beloved high-rise style while still providing enough stretch in the rear to be comfortable.

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What Hourglass Figures Should Look for When Denim Shopping

Levi's, like J Brand, is another great brand for us across the board. They're high-waisted but not too high that they feel like a major statement, allowing for more room in the rear while staying perfectly slim and polished in the leg. Their waist sits higher than most and is smaller as a result; meanwhile, everything beneath that is just a tad roomier than most flares. They're great for those who prefer a standard waist height or are a little tired of high-rise everything. Fact: J Brand makes great jeans for girls like us across the board, as they tend to stretch easily in all the right places without ever looking strained.

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