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Theres been speculation for weeks. Threads that have gone on far to long on this and other forums about sex in game. Speculation ranging from full on 'coffee mod' kinda stuff to more tame 'black screen - then buffed'.

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There is a option in the game settings that lets players specify between no, partial or full nudity, with partial nudity putting loincloths on characters but leaving their chests exposed. I imagine the Xbox One release of the game will have that setting removed, though stranger things have happened. The player character begins their life in the savage wastes as an exile hence the game titlecrucified and left to die in the desert sun.

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Funcom 's upcoming M-rated MMO "Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures" caused quite a stir last week when the game's community manager said the US version wouldn't feature nipples, due to legal reasons. The studio later flip-flopped, however, and declared the announcement a miscommunication; the US version would, indeed, have nipples. More specifically, players could choose to remove everything above the waist on their female avatars, thereby exposing their breasts complete with nipples, obviously to the other human players in "Age of Conan.

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The province of Paikang is one of the last world regions players will encounter in the expansion to Age of Conan, Rise of the Godslayer. Diversity is a key word in this province, with lush forests, mountainous villages, massive cities and a shoreline that might remind players of a distant past. The patchy ttened to the earth by the breeze and you canter your horse towards a promontory that overloo grass is flaks the eastern ocean.

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The women of Hyboria have long been a lively debated topic among the Age of Conan community, even to the extent where many of you doubted their very existence in the game. As some of you may have picked up during our development, we have chosen a somewhat updated view on women compared to the works of Robert E. Early on in our development, we therefore made a very clear and conscious choice: Namely that any female player in Hyboria should be just as strong and able as any man!

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Conan Exiles. Weapons sheathed in American territories. Upcoming multiplayer barbarian survival game Conan Exiles launches on the Xbox One Game Preview programme this Wednesday, August 16 - but gamers in Europe and America are going to see a slight difference in gameplay, and that difference involves genitals.

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Thanks to the moral proclivities of middle America nudity is something you almost never see in a video game. Violence of almost any kind is allowed without question, but sexual content will see a game being plastered with an adult rating that means most US shops will refuse to sell it. And because America is still the biggest market for games it means everyone has to suffer the same level of self-censorship. Which is a very apt metaphor for braving the difficulties of the game itself.

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Jerry posted Sex sells and I was wondering why it took so long to get real naked women in the graphics. Sure there are a lot of good looking chicks in many games with ltlle on but NOT like this.

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