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Tuition these days costs and arm and a leg—and now, apparently a virginity too. That's how medical student "Elizabeth Raine" has decided to pay her way through an MD-PhD program at a "leading university" — by auctioning off her virginity. The year-old, who says she has bachelor degrees in biology and engineering, has been planning the auction for a year and writes that her "virginity fits me like a glove.

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Cinderella Escorts, a Germany-based website which encourages young women to auction their virginity to wealthy older men, says the winning bid of 2. It gives me a lot of opportunities. The fact that women can do what they want with their bodies and have the courage to live their sexuality free against the critics sets a sign for emancipation.

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Our agency conducts a virginity auction for girls wishing to sell their innocence and clients wishing to buy virginity. The auction involves only proven clients and girls. After learning about virginity auction, I decided to run for auction.

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A young woman is at the center of a media firestorm after reportedly auctioning her "virginity" for the U. The Daily Mirror reported this week that a year-old American model, named only as Giselle, "sold" her "virginity" through the website Cinderella Escorts. Of course, as a social construct, "losing your virginity" carries different meanings for different people; while "having penetrative vaginal sex for the first time" is the connotation here, that's far from the only way to define it. Giselle said the auction's success was a "dream come true" and that she's putting the money she will earn toward education and traveling.

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On year-old woman recently found out all about them after she sold hers for R17m. Jasmin turned to Cinderella Escorts, believe it or not, a company that has experience with helping young women sell their virginity for millions. The brunette then shortened her final list to three men and sat and had dinner with each of them before making her final pick.

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A virginity auction is an auctionoften publicized online, where a person seeks to sell their virginity. The winning bidder will win the right to be the first to have intercourse with the person. Often the authenticity of such auctions is subject to question, and it is not later verified whether the auction was successfully completed.

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Do you have a goal to earn a lot of money, meet a wealthy man and just start living the way you dream? We offer you to sell your virginity on safe and profitable terms! With the help of our agency, any girl can sell her virginit y at the best price or put up the right of the first night for auction.

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You may have stumbled across an article or two about young women auctioning off their virginity online, and receiving exorbitant sums of money from the highest bidder. As unbelievable as these stories may be, many have been proven to be true. Who are the young women who choose to offer such an intimate, personal experience online for a price? Do the women themselves keep most of the money paid by the clients, or does most of the money go to the websites that broker the transactions?

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Although some people still find it a taboo, year-old Giselle chose to be practical and auctioned her virginity in exchange for multi-million money. The U. Apparently, many were interested to buy her for sex where an Abu Dhabi-based businessman won her virginity for 2.

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