Fuel for vintage glow engine

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Always keep Model Fuel containers tightly sealed. Fuels will pick up moisture from the air causing poor running characteristics. Model glow fuel is a mixture of nitromethane, methanol, and oil.

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New to RC flying? Get my popular ebook today, to help you on your way! When talking about model airplane engines for radio control use, by far the most common type is the glow plug engine, often also called a nitro or even gas engine.

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A glow plug alternatively spelled glowplug or glow-plug is a device, similar to a spark plugused to help ignite the fuel in the very small internal combustion engines typically used in, model cars and similar applications. The ignition is accomplished by a combination of heating from compression and heating from the glow plug. The glow plug is a durable, mostly platinumhelical wire filament recessed into the plug's tip.

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A glow plug engineor glow engineis a type of small internal combustion engine [1] typically used in model aircraftmodel cars and similar applications. The ignition is accomplished by a combination of heating from compression, heating from a glow plug and the catalytic effect of the platinum within the glow plug on the methanol within the fuel. American inventor Ray Arden invented the first glow plug for model engines in

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But when it comes to selecting which kind of power system to use, many RC modelers can use a little help. RC engines that use gasoline are no different in operation as those in chainsaws and leaf blowers. If you treat them properly and set them up correctly, they will run reliably.

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RC glow engines use nitro fuela methanol-based fuel with nitromethane and oil added. Castor oil or synthetic oil is added to the fuel to provide lubrication and cooling. The type and amount of oil in the nitro fuel is what determines whether it is better suited to RC cars and trucks or aircraft.

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Having been electric for many moons after a bit of a show career I have some glow fuel stacked up and wondered if it would be any good or what I could do with it. I once asked the owner of Southern Modelcraft Fuels about extended shelf life of glow fuel and his opinion was that provided its been kept in a cool and preferably dark environment, with the container tightly sealed against moisture, then its life should be indefinite. It depends largely on the type and how it has been stored, but my own experience is that old fuel goes off after 3 or 4 years.

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Mark Forums Read. Old Glow fuel. Thread Tools. My Feedback:

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New to RC flying? Get my popular ebook today, to help you on your way! RC glow fuel, also often called nitro fuel, is a special blend of three main ingredients, plus a few minor additives, used in radio control model engines.

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Well I've been building and flying or driving radio controlled models for over 40 years and during that time I like to think I've built up a reasonable amount of knowledge. I'm also a qualified electronics engineer who has worked in radio frequency, analog, digital systems and software for more than three decades. In fact I designed and built my first RC set back in For the past nine years I've also been involved in the design and manufacture of some rather sophisticated engine technology and UAV flight control systems.


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