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Maybe these people told their doctor about their sex toy. Or, maybe, they used a lube with a nasty chemical in it that they have now reacted horribly to. I did vet these solutions with a midwife, but you may want to check with your own doctor first.

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If you have sensitive skin or if you have a known latex allergy, finding the perfect toy can be difficult, especially with the lack of regulation in the sex toy business. If you want to go the latex-free route, you need to check out silicone toys. The Baby Bug is one of my favorite clitoral vibrators out there.

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Awaken new sensations with the Sugar Pop Vibrator. Like a twirling belly dancer on your G-Spot! Made of latex-free elastomer.

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Well, that depends on a number of factors, like the situation and the condom material. We want you to be safe and would rather you avoid porous insertable sex toys 2 but we know that some of you are going to use these materials anyway. A note for those new around here: I talk about toxic and porous toys separately.

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What about cyberskin? A: That is really inconvenient. Latex allergies are becoming increasingly common.

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When buying a sex toy or sexual lubricant you need to consider what it is made from, just as you would when choosing cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Many people are unaware that some sex toys and lubricants can be harmful to health due to the type of material they are made from and where they are made. Some sex toys and lubricants can cause allergic reactions, leading to irritation, burning, stinging and may cause thrush.

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The other day I was reading an old blog post by Dr. Logan Levkoff in which she discussed how taboo the term "sex toy" is. When I read this, I swear I started snapping my fingers like a sorority girl straight out of Legally Blonde.

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People who have a predisposition such as asthma, hay fever, eczema and food allergies are more likely to be at risk of developing a latex allergy. Healthcare workers, those working in rubber manufacturing and people who have undergone multiple surgical operations and invasive procedures are also more likely to be sensitive to latex. It can be difficult to have fun and practice safe sex when you have latex allergies because many of the products we use to spice up our sex life sex toys and bondage or to make sex safer condoms, gloves and oral dams are often made from rubber.

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