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Many religions have a specific relationship to the nature of sex and sexuality, but few are as interesting as Taoism and sex. As you'd hopefully be aware Taoism is a philosophical, spiritual and religious tradition with its roots based in Chinese History. In the Chinese language there is no particular or specific word that denotes a follower or practitioner of Taoism and any such words that describe such an individual are Western in origin, and have very little use within the Chinese Culture.

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Practitioners believe that by performing these sexual arts, one can stay in good health, and attain longevity or spiritual advancement. The first sexual texts that survive today are those found at the Mawangdui [ citation needed ]. The sexual arts arguably reached their climax between the end of the Han dynasty and the end of the Tang dynasty [ citation needed ].

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In the Taoist tree of practices with branches such as acupuncture, herbology, massage, five element nutrition, qigong, taichi, feng shui, I Ching and meditation, the practices dealing with the sexual energy occupy a prominent place. In ancient China Taoist masters were well known for their specialized knowledge on sexual matters. Emperors and Empresses would consult in secret Taoist masters for learning the essentials of sexual practice.

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For centuries Taoism and Tantra have taught that sexuality is a tool to transform the spirit. Now recent research suggests that satisfying sex also has the capacity to heal the body and mind. There was the 40yr old man crippled with arthritis who found masturbation more effective than medication.

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Sexual organs and the kidneys store part of the Jing, the essence of the primordial force. Learn how to conserve and store it. More sexual energy will help to attract and multiply the primordial chi.

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Taoism is a spiritual tradition that embraces our sexual desire and uses it within our bodies as a force for healing and spiritual growth. Desire is a rich and potent part of our human experience. The Taoists think of desire, called sexual energy or jing chi, as part of our life energy, or chi.

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The first sex manuals came from China. Sex manuals are concerned with the best ways to make love, to prolong the sexual act, to have fun, to have children and to maintain good health. These manuals are easy to use and contain precise illustrations.

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As a spiritual system, Tao means the way to achieving a true understanding of nature, our mind, and reality. The way of living in harmony with the changes of Nature. Chinese sexual arts and practices have been part of Taoism from its earliest records of over 4, years ago.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Heart and Soul Healing.

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Could the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and Taoist sex be the key to revitalizing your sex life? To define it any further would be… not very Taoist! It means something different to everyone who practices.


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