Adult aphasic sequencing task

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There are some amazing resources on the web for people with aphasia to practice their communication skills on a home computer or a tablet. Tactus Therapy offers free Lite versions of all their best-selling aphasia apps for you to try at home. Each app works on an essential skill — like speaking, understanding, reading, or writing.

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Ability of aphasic individuals to perform numerical processing and calculation tasks. To compare performance on EC battery calculation task between aphasic subjects and normal controls of the same sex, age, and education. Thirty-two aphasic patients who had suffered a single left hemisphere stroke were evaluated.

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The Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination or BDAE is a neuropsychological battery used to evaluate adults suspected of having aphasiaand is currently in its third edition. The BDAE evaluates language skills based on perceptual modalities auditory, visual, and gesturalprocessing functions comprehension, analysis, problem-solvingand response modalities writing, articulation, and manipulation. Administration time ranges from 20 to 45 minutes for the shortened version but it can last up to minutes for the extended version of the assessment.

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Implicit learning involves extracting patterns through repeated exposure to stimuli. Little is known about this learning process in individuals with aphasia, although evidence suggests that implicit learning mechanisms remain intact in aphasia Goschke et al. The purpose of the present research was to test implicit learning in aphasia in two experiments.

Aphasia research group combines neuroscientific, neurocognitive and interactional approaches to study aphasia and other neurogenic speech and language problems in adults. The studies of the group members include among others manifestations of aphasia in linguistic tasks and in conversational interaction, linguistic learning in aphasia, practices and outcomes of aphasia treatment and consequences of aphasia to quality of life. Conversation is regarded as a core element of social life.

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The goal of this study was to determine whether positive treatment effects of a modified constraint-induced language therapy focused on verb production would generalize to unpracticed items and tasks. Four individuals participated in a single-subject treatment design protocol. The treatment involved intensive practice producing verbs in sentences in an informative communicative exchange.

Attention is something that we take for granted — as long as we have it. Symbol Matching is a Constant Therapy task with evidence supporting its use in increasing attention. Discover the science behind this task.

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Artificial grammar acquisition, hour retention, and the potential benefits of additional training were examined by administering an artificial grammar judgment test 1 immediately following auditory exposure-based training, 2 one day after training, and 3 after a second training session on the second day. The trained healthy and aphasic groups showed greater sensitivity to the detection of grammatical items than the control group. No significant correlations between sequential learning and language abilities were observed among the aphasic participants. The results suggest that individuals with agrammatic aphasia show sequential learning, but the underlying processes involved in this learning may be different than for healthy adults.

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Checking the time is firmly established in our behavior. During recovery from stroke or brain injury, you many need to relearn how to tell time. They help us to be oriented to the time of day, when to wake up or go to bed, when to follow our routine, what commitments we have that day, and how much time these commitments will take.


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